Meet the directors


WAde scaNlan

Festival Co-Director

Wade Scanlan is a junior majoring in Telecommunication & Film. Wade loves all aspects of the film festival life, and plans to go into film festival management once he graduates. While Wade’s main goal in life is to own a hairless cat, working for the Sundance Institute is a close second. Wade's favorite film is currently “Lady Bird,” but “Moonrise Kingdom” will always hold a special place in his heart. When he’s not helping plan this year’s festival with Allison, Wade can probably be found in the C&IS Student Assistant Office, on and off the clock.


Allison reynolds

Festival Co-Director

Allison Reynolds is a senior studying Telecommunication and Film with a minor in Creative Writing. When Allison isn't binge watching the Harry Potter series, she enjoys researching her favorite female filmmakers and cuddling with her pup, Callie. Allison is very passionate about movies and hopes to one day work on feature films. Whether it be Directing, Writing, or Videography, Allison loves every aspect of filmmaking. This love is what pushed her into getting involved with Black Warrior Film Festival, and she has enjoyed it ever since! Allison is so excited for this years festival, and cannot wait to see what the amazing team comes up with this year!


MEgan friend

Assistant Director of BWFF

Megan Friend is a sophomore majoring in Creative Media with a minor in Creative Writing. She currently lives in Tennessee but has also lived in Massachusetts, Texas, and Pennsylvania. While she loves all sorts of movies, she especially loves laughing at "The Room" and dreams to one day meet Tommy Wiseau at a screening.


William Barham

Assistant Director of BWFF

William Barham is junior majoring in Creative Media. He is from Maryville, Tennessee and has been to seven music festivals, however Black Warrior Film Festival will be the first film festival he has ever been to. He is super excited to see what all the festival will bring.


Bentley Harden

Co-Director of Branding Identity

Bentley Harden is a sophomore majoring in Creative Advertising and Photography and is from Montgomery, Alabama. Whenever she isn’t hosting her own creative photoshoots, Bentley is in Reese Phifer studying and working for Capstone Agency and Minerva. She also has a guilty pleasure of Model United Nations, which landed her the position of Under-Secretary-General of Crisis Committees for ALMUN XI. She is ready to see all of the amazing creativity at Black Warrior Film Festival!


Maddie Kennedy

Co-Director of Branding Identity

Magdalene Kennedy is a senior in New College, pursuing a depth study in Digital Media & Narrative Arts. From Nashville, TN, she can often be found awkwardly bopping at a concert, sketching cloud formations, or eating pho.


Alex Cherry

Video Content Creator

Alex Cherry is a senior Telecommunication & Film major from Maryville, Tennessee. She spends her time producing and directing student films, having board game nights with friends, and seeing the most recent Marvel movie at least 18 times in theaters. She’s super excited to be on the team for this year’s festival.


Nick Stellon

Photo Content Creator

Nick Stellon is a filmmaker and photographer from Chicago, Illinois. An avid Matthew McConaughey enthusiast, and fan of all things French. Nick hopes to write and direct his own feature films one day.


Carlyle ascik

Co-Director of Publicity

Carlyle Ascik is a junior majoring in public relations, with minors in management and studio art. After graduation, she plans on pursuing her MBA and eventually working in public relations for the arts. Her favorite movies range from “Breakfast at Tiffany's” to “Tangled”—it depends on the day. When she's not blowing up your Instagram feed, you can probably (definitely) find her in Reese Phifer reorganizing her planner, tabling, drink Joyful Java or daydreaming about being back in Europe.


Mackenzie Rutledge

Co-Director of Publicity

Mackenzie Rutledge is a junior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Entertainment Business. After graduation she aspires to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry as a publicist in either LA or New York City. Mackenzie loves a wide variety of films, but especially the classics like “Mary Poppins” or “The Sound of Music.” She is also the Marvel and Harry Potter franchise's biggest fan. Mackenzie can be found all over campus in leadership positions in her sorority, C&IS or with SGA Homecoming.


Katie Teas

Assistant Director of Publicity

Katie Teas is a junior from Denver, CO majoring in Public Relations with minors in Creative Writing and Computing Technology & Applications. She hopes to find a career within the music publicity industry, preferably in the field of artist relations. Katie has too many favorite movies to name, but is particularly partial to anything directed by Wes Anderson. In her free time, Katie loves going to concerts, music festivals, and performing with her band.


Adam Glick

Director of Business

Adam Glick is a junior from Nashville, TN double-majoring in Accounting and Management with a minor in Spanish. Although he is not studying film at the moment, Adam tries to pursue any and all things that can further his knowledge of the filmmaking industry. His all-time favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting,” but he's a fan of just about anything from horror to comedy movies.


Kelsey Schmitt

Assistant Director of Business

Kelsey Schmitt is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in Marketing and Creative media. She found a home at Black Warrior Film Festival when she was able to combine her "feet on the ground, head in the clouds" approach to life. In her free time she enjoys people who love astrology, critiquing films, and eating as much sushi as possible.


Dominique Satterwhite

Director of Programming

Dominique Satterwhite is a Junior from Huntsville, AL majoring in Telecommunications & Film and Communication Studies. After graduation, she plans to move out to LA and pursue work on set as a PA. Dominique also strives to continue developing her interests in scriptwriting, location scouting, and production design. If Dominique is not in Reese Phifer, you can catch her watching some of her favorite TV shows which include: Riverdale, Gotham, Shameless, and Game of Thrones. A little secret about her is that she loves KPOP, and watches Netflix like it’s a religion. This year she will be taking over as the Director of Programming for the festival and can’t wait to see some of the amazing submissions along with her team.


Shelby Billman

Volunteer Coordinator

Shelby Billman is a junior double-majoring in Theatre and Telecommunications & Film from Madison, AL. This is her second year with BWFF and she is super excited to be back! When she is not working on BWFF, Shelby can be found making videos for the Office of Student Media or helping college students find housing at Off-Campus Housing. Shelby hopes to one day be a director for both screen and stage. Currently she is torn on what her favorite movie is, but she's always down for The Princess Bride.


Emily Vallario

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Emily Vallario is a sophomore majoring in Creative Media and minoring in art with a concentration in photography! She is from Westchester, NY and loves to visit the city anytime she can! Emily's favorite movie is Titanic, but watches more TV than she does movies. She has seen Grey's Anatomy from start to finish 7 and 1/2 times (she can most likely tell you what happens in a scene if you give her a song from the show)! Her other favorite shows to watch are anything in the political drama category (Scandal and Madam Secretary are two of her favorites)! When she's not watching Netflix, you can find her in Reese Phifer, at work, rehearsing for show choir, or balling out at the rec.


Louis Lartigue

Director of Operations

Louis is a senior studying TCF and English. He likes spicy foods and will talk about Quentin Tarantino movies all day of you let him.


Reagan Wells

Co-Director of Filmmaker Relations

Reagan Wells is a senior Film Production major from Galesburg, Illinois. As a cinematographer, he really enjoys creating visual worlds for audiences to escape to. Some of Reagan’s favorite things are Dungeons and Dragons, Russian electronic music, and Little Italy’s greasy pizza.



Co-Director of Filmmaker Relations

Montana Maniscalco is a junior majoring in Psychology and Telecommunication and Film. She has a passion for the mind and film, and how they flow together. After she graduates, she plans to attend graduate school for psychology and continue her love of screenwriting and directing. She hopes that one day she can make an impact on the film industry using her love for both psychology and film.


Eric Abels

Director of Outreach

Eric Abels is a junior majoring in Telecommunication and Film with a minor in Theatre, originally hailing from Austin, Texas. He is currently on track to graduate early, and plans to attend law school as well as continue to dabble in acting and scriptwriting. Eric loves any movie by director Christopher Nolan, with his favorite of all time being The Dark Knight. When not working for the festival, Eric enjoys spending time in the gym, trying to learn to cook, and engaging in anything active.


Khara Gibson-Taylor

Director of VIP

Khara Gibson-Taylor is a junior majoring in News Media (Sports concentration) with a minor in Theatre. She plans on receiving her Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Her career aspiration is become a host for College Gameday or an sideline reporter for the SEC Network. Her favorite film created is the Wizard of Oz and the Marvel’s action series. In her free time she enjoys performing, watching sports and participating in outdoor activities. She is excited to be the VIP Director for her first year working the BWFF!


A’Leeyah Ponder

Assistant Director of VIP

A’Leeyah Ponder is a sophomore at the University of Alabama majoring in News Media Journalism with minor in sociology. She is an active member of the capstone community by being apart of the BWFF Leadership team, Freshman Forum Intern team, being an Al’s Pals Grade Leader, active National Society of Collegiate Scholars Member, and a member of the Captone’s Honors College. A’Leeyah found her love for film at a young age. Constant trips to the movie theatre with her mother and father is what contributed to her love for film. After her first year in college she learned that the one thing better than watching film is being apart of the team that makes the film. Fortunately, her Introduction to Story and The fundamentals of Media Technology courses are two courses that have taught her how to make her dreams come true. After attending the 2017 Black Warrior Film Festival, A’Leeyah fell in love with film festivals. She knew that joining the team would be her next step in achieving her dream of working in the film industry.


Jasmine James


Jasmine James is an aspiring film photographer with a hectic imagination. Planning to buy a Harley Davidson post graduation, she is working to get a Masters in photography. Jasmine loves studying older films—especially those made during the 40s to the 60s. Boxing and photographing are her past time hobbies, and as of recently she has started investing into astronomy.