Meet the directors of the Black Warrior Film Festival 2017



Festival Co-Director

Trent Carlson is a senior from Glendale, Arizona majoring in Political Science and Journalism, with a minor in History. This is Trent's third year working with Black Warrior Film Festival and he's excited to watch the organization continue to grow and reach more students this year. Trent also loves music, Netflix and onside kicks in national championships. 


Will Baggett

Director of Business

Will Baggett is a junior majoring in marketing and sales with a minor in economics and telecommunication and film. He plays snare drum in the Million Dollar Band and has definitely seen the movie I Love You, Man more times than you have.


Osagie Jesuorobo

Director of Programming

Osagie Jesuorobo is a senior majoring in Journalism and Creative Media (JCM). He's from Georgia and plans on moving out to LA to pursue a career in filmmaking as a writer after graduation.


Dana Murray

Director of Publicity

Dana Murray is a senior from Illinois majoring in Advertising and English. Her plans for the future include working in Media, memorizing the entire script of Before Sunrise, and seeing Band of Horses at least 15 more times in concert. 



Festival Co-Director

Becca Murdoch is a junior majoring in Telecommunication and Film with a minor in Creative Writing. Born and raised in Montgomery, AL, Becca is close to believing that she might need sweet tea to keep her alive more than water. If you asked her to pick her favorite movie or TV show, she'd tell you to ask another question because that's just too hard. When she's not busy planning for the upcoming festival, you can catch her finding performers for Tide Talks as their VP of Content.


Erin Reilly

Director of Outreach

Erin Reilly is a senior from Kansas City majoring in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. She loves her time spent working on festivals, from her job this summer at PBS as their Online Film Festival intern to working on Yellowhammer Festival as a Creative Campus intern last spring. If she's not reading or napping, you'll probably find her watching a John Hughes movie while snuggling her dogs.


Tiana Raimist-carter

Director of Operations

Tiana Raimist-Carter is a junior majoring in Music Management through New College and Public Relations in the Sports & Entertainment management track. She has designed her life to revolve around the entertainment industry and hopes to find herself managing the next One Direction before she's 25.


abby Broussard

Director of Brand Identity

Abby Broussard is a senior majoring in Journalism, and minoring in Studio Art and International Studies. She is from DC and aspires to work as a designer for a major news outlet after graduating.