Meet the directors of the Black Warrior Film Festival 2018


Mary Elizabeth Newman

Co-Director of BWFF

Mary Elizabeth Newman is a senior double-majoring in Psychology and Telecommunications & Film with a minor in Spanish. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school for psychology, as well as continue to pursue her love of scriptwriting, production design, and all-things film related. Mary Elizabeth’s favorite movie changes every time anyone asks, but generally include staples like Arrival, The Princess Bride, or any film by Wes Anderson. When she’s not helping plan this year’s festival with Wade, Mary Elizabeth can be found experimenting in the Psychology research lab, making art, and trying to remember everything on her list of things to do.

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Will Baggett

Director of Business

Will Baggett is a senior majoring in Economics and Marketing, as well as a minor in Telecommunications and Film. His favorite movie is I Love You, Man, but a close second is Yes Man. Will has aspirations to work as an Executive Producer in the Walt Disney Production Company one day and has worked as a Cast Member in Disney World in hopes to work up the ranks of the company. If there is anyone that knows an unnatural amount of How I Met Your Mother or Disney trivia, it's this guy. He is also a member of the Million Dollar Band and writes for the Crimson White student newspaper.

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Allison Reynolds

Co-Director of Programming

Allison Reynolds is a junior from Houston, Texas majoring in Telecommunications and Film. Allison has a passion for making films, hoping to one day direct one out in La La Land. Her favorite quote is "Everything I learned, I learned from the movies" by Audrey Hepburn, because it's true! Movies have always been her favorite pastime, Moulin Rouge being her go-to. She's also an avid Harry Potter nerd and will always believe that Weasley is Her King. Other than binging movies or the Harry Potter series, you may catch her coloring, listening to her Frank Sinatra record, or watching Game of Thrones in her spare time.


Tiana Raimist-Carter

Director of Operations + VIP

Currently sailing around the world on Semester at Sea, Tiana Raimist-Carter is a senior majoring in Music Management & Social Justice through New College. With a minor in Public Relations following the Sports & Entertainment Management track, the entertainment industry is the core of everything Tiana does. Hailing from the entertainment capital of the world, it's only fitting that this Los Angeles native return as the director of Operations and VIPs. When she's not studying ethnomusicology and creating soundscapes of Ghana, you can find her lost in a contemporary art museum. Excited to roll with the tide one last time, Tiana hopes to find her way back to Berlin one day, managing the next One Direction. 


Ashley Williams

Co-Director of Brand Identity

Ashley Williams is a senior from Helena, Alabama majoring in Advertising. This is her first year with BWFF, but her love of the arts began at the age of 14 when she got a miniature camera for Christmas. The camera took the worst quality pictures possible, but it sparked what will be a lifetime of passion and support for the arts. She is an intern at Kentuck Art Center in Northport and currently loves the idea of ~eventually~ earning an MFA and having a career at an arts nonprofit. Ashley’s other interests include committing to do too many things at once (but getting it all done!), cheering for women’s international soccer, and trying (but sometimes miserably failing) to learn to cook.

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Shelby Billman

Secretary / Volunteer Coordinator

Shelby Billman is a sophmore majoring in Telecommunications and Film as well as Theatre. She also works in the Off-Campus Housing office making sure her fellow college students don't become homeless. She hopes to one day be directing independent films, inspiring and confusing audiences with her wit and subversive themes. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride because any other film would be inconceivable. Shelby is also an avid reader, a theatre enthusiast, and a tripping-over-her-own-feet afficianado.

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Wade Scanlan

Co-Director of BWFF

Wade Scanlan is a sophmore majoring in Telecommunications and Film. One time he was described as "a savvy piece of spaghetti with a great fashion sense," and he's run with it ever since. When not running festival shenanigans, Wade can most likely be found in Rowand Johnson taking a nap.

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Reagan Wells

Co-Director of Programming

Reagan Wells is a junior from Galesburg, Illinois majoring in Telecommunication and Film. He is an aspiring film cinematographer, hoping to make it with the big kids in L.A. He also interns with the Center for Public Television, tries to understand Twin Peaks, and plays a Human Warlock and Half-Elf Monk in Dungeons and Dragons.


Brooke Bailey

Director of Publicity

Brooke Bailey is a junior majoring in Public Relations with minors in Computer Science and Graphic Design. Please don't ask her what she wants to do after graduation because she doesn't know and tbh it's really stressing her out right now. Her favorite movie is Romeo + Juliet and she doesn't give two flips if you judge her because of it. When she's not scheduling 🔥 tweets for BWFF's twitter, you can find her booking events at the Ferg, creating dope graphics at Capstone Agency, momming her friends to death and never sleeping.


Sarah Forland

Director of Outreach

Sarah is a senior double majoring in International Studies and a self-designed Interdisciplinary Studies major with a depth focus on the relationship between media and politics. Oh, and she’s a French minor (ask her if she’s ever studied abroad). She’s probably seen about any political television drama you can name, and wants to work to defy the joke that says women can be anything except president or a late night host. If you ask her about her future she’ll tell you that she’s “winging it,” right now she hopes that means human rights advocacy opportunities, but she’ll settle for an opening as a life guru or on the set of SNL.

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Zach Grove

Co-Director of Brand Identity

Zach Grove is a senior majoring in Advertising with a Graphic Design minor. He is an aspiring Art Director and wants to make some mind blowing advertisments. Beyond being a graphic designer his passions/hobbies include painting, photography, and woodworking. Besides making some jaw-dropping graphics for BWFF in his free time he's most likley making some art, watching movies, or adventuring outdoors.