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Are you interested in becoming one of the directors for next year's festival? There are many director positions open and we have added even more positions. After you submit your resume and application we will get in contact with you to set up a interview. 

Please fill out the application and email your resume to

Due March 30th by Midnight


Position Descriptions

Co-Director: Facilitate and run festival activities, work closely with advisors and C&IS faculty members to build relationships with major festival sponsors and partners, looks at the big picture plan of the festival and supports festival directors with administrative needs.

Programming Director: Oversee selection of films programmed at the festival, work with programming team to screen and judge each submitted film, work with festival jurors to select award winners, builds festival blocks and serves as the liaison between the filmmakers and the festival. *stipulation: Can’t have any films programmed in the festival

Outreach: Work with local businesses to expand the festivals reach, secure donations for giveaways and festival awards, serves as the liaison between local businesses’ and the festival, responsible for working with advisors and professors at schools across the nation to encourage non-UA filmmaker submissions and maintain good relationships with outside schools.

Operations: Book rooms for the festival and meetings, secure back-up plan locations in the event of conflicts or A/V system failures, completes and files any logistic paperwork required, secure any supplies needed (i.e. mics, tables, chairs), liaison between the festival and venues, creates floor plans and responsible for ensuring they are implemented, creates emergency plans.

Brand Identity: Create web and print graphics and materials for promotion of the festival and affiliated events, copy edit all print materials and web graphics, responsible for updating the website. *This job requires knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and has a high demand with a heavy turnaround leading up to and during the festival.

Publicity: Coordinate and oversee all BWFF communications, including social media, the BWFF blog and media relations, work closely with brand identity directors on securing graphics with due notice for designers in order to promote festival approved branding.

Business: Oversee budget and constantly monitor and update it with new festival needs, work closely with C&IS accountant to ensure we are using funds properly and staying on budget, responsible for festival development and securing grants, work closely with the VIP director on VIP honoraria and transportation needs, responsible for securing food for the festival. *This job requires understanding of how to create and monitor an active budget.

VIP: Work closely with advisors and connect with VIPs and alumni for panels, masterclasses, workshops and other events, serves as liaison between the festival and all VIP guests, responsible for networking on behalf of the festival, maintaining active and good relationships with VIPs and alumni, and keeping track of what alumni are doing in the industry and send publicity and brand identity updates for features on BWFF VIP alumni and C&IS alumni, serves on the ground for management of all VIP guests needs and coordinates all VIP hosted events.

Filmmaker Relations: Assist and coordinate with all filmmakers attending the festival and work with outside partners and directors to assist in offering housing options and encouraging filmmakers to attend, work closely with advisors and run the Aspiring Filmmakers Workshop prior to the festival, work with the volunteer coordinator on securing volunteers to run the workshop.

Visual Content Creator: Create and upkeep promotional and highlight trailers for the festival, responsible for finding and scheduling photographers and videographers to highlight each event. *This job requires knowledge on how to operate a camera and edit content, you will be responsible for providing your own equipment.

Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for securing and scheduling volunteers for the festival and festival sanctioned events, coordinating festival photographers, and handling guest check in at festival

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