Saturday Events

Trivia & Networking Brunch

Saturday March 3, 9:30-10:30am, Ferguson Student Center Great Hall

Join us in the great hall for fun, film facts and networking opportunities over brunch with filmmakers, panelists, VIPs, actors. Do you want to meet other directors, writers, composers, actors? This is the place! This session is your opportunity to come with your headshots, business cards, and be ready to connect with the local film and creative community. Don't worry if all you have is an Instagram handle, the most important thing to bring is yourself!


Saturday March 3, 2:30 - 3:30pm, Ferguson Student Center room 3104

Many women behind the camera like Shonda Rhimes and Ava DuVernay have called for more inclusive media that looks like the world around us. Diversity measures are being implemented  in the film and television industry and promoted by #TimesUp and #MeToo hashtag activism. Inclusive crews behind the camera is just as important as diversity in front of the camera and that can only be achieved by putting women and people of color in writer’s rooms, in positions behind the camera, and by hiring them as producers, directors and showrunners. Women are the future of film and they are how we continue to get diversity on-screen. With this being the 125th year that women have been allowed to attend the University of Alabama s, Black Warrior Film Festival wants to acknowledge this and celebrating women on our campus by continuing the dialogue on the importance of equality in the industry. The need for more inclusive entertainment is still significant, please join us and our panelists on a conversation exploring how we can take steps to address shift women’s roles in industry.


Saturday March 3, 4:30 - 5:30pm, Ferguson Student Center room 3104

We all know the big names in the credits of our movies and television shows but do we know what they actually do and how they got there? This panel will break down the different paths that entertainment industry creatives have taken from internships to first jobs to dream jobs. Television writers, directors, media specialists and current students will share their paths breaking into and working in the entertainment industry and will explore some of the possible paths to a successful career in the entertainment industry. Please join us in an exciting conversation on industry careers for creative minded people and learn about some of the opportunities for internships, fellowship opportunities, entry-level jobs and career paths taken post-graduation by UA alums, current students and BWFF VIPs.


Saturday March 3, 12:30-1:30pm, Ferguson Student Center 3104

Film festivals have long been a part of the way that the entertainment industry discovers new talent and buys and sells content. As the volume of content continues to grow and independent films continue to win awards and sell to many different distribution platforms, film festivals are more important than ever. Film festivals are opportunities for filmmakers to share their work with audiences and they are about communities coming together to support independent film and television. The provide an environment for emerging and established filmmakers network and form lasting creative relationships. Festivals also offer labs, fellowships, award and sometimes financial support to develop new talent so they should be on the radar of all emerging filmmakers and aspiring industry creatives. This panel will explore why submitting your films to festivals is important for filmmakers, how to prioritize which festivals that might work for your film and how attending festivals can be important networking opportunities. Our panelists work as festival programmers, festival staff, festival jurors and have attended domestic and international film festivals.