Your Next Netflix Binge

By: Will Barham

We all know how TV has become. Random intervals of binging a show until, before we know it, our night is over. We’ve eaten a whole pizza, and we must find another show to keep our obsessions satisfied. Well I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t help us continue this cycle. Netflix has recently come out with a show, Russian Doll, starring Natasha Lyonne. The show follows Russian-American Nadia who has just turned thirty-six and is celebrating her birthday at her friend’s apartment. It is clear from the beginning that the humor will be dark, and this is surely due to the acting of Natasha Lyonne who you may remember from Orange is the New Black. She hardly skips a beat. The night takes a turn when she goes on the hunt for her cat, Oatmeal, only

to be run over by a taxi. She then wakes up exactly where the show started; she is standing in the bathroom, at the party, looking into the mirror. It takes her a few deaths to realize the cycle she has fallen into and she then begins to sift through many possible theories as to why this is happening. This is a familiar structure and if you are an avid movie and tv lover you probably recently saw, Before I Fall, that sees a high school student caught in a similar situation. This show tackles it in a very different way though. The humor and severity of the deaths keeps us on our toes, and the lack of continuity between the time loops keeps us confused. But, the discovery of someone else caught in the same situation, Alan, played by Charlie Barnett creates hope for our main character. This show is perfect for a binge watcher like you and like myself. The show is only comprised of a thirty minute format. Due to the complexity and enthralling elements of the show, those thirty minutes fly by.

So go ahead and order in a pizza, cuddle up with your dog on the couch, and log onto your neighbor’s Netflix. You’re in for a great story that will only leave you wanting more than each 30 minute episode allows.