Spring Movie Preview

By Caleb Butler

At the movies, the spring is often viewed as sort of the middle child. Winter is the older sibling, consisting of a plethora of awards contenders, and summer is the youngest sibling, filled with blockbuster movies that studios pour millions of dollars into making. The spring ends up being an odd combination of these two, as demonstrated by last year’s February hit “Get Out,” which proved to be both a monetary success and Oscar contender. This can make the spring season all the more rewarding.

Here are seven of my most anticipated films of the season.

Black Panther - February 16th

Marvel’s newest entry to its cinematic universe seems destined to be one of its biggest hits yet, and the film marks a huge cultural milestone by showcasing the first African American superhero to lead a  movie in the era of connected universes. Chadwick Boseman is a rising star, and the supporting cast is perhaps the strongest group of actors ever seen in a solo Marvel film. Director Ryan Coogler also hired Kendrick Lamar to produce the album for the movie, which jolts my excitement levels sky-high.

Annihilation - February 23rd

Director Alex Garland emerged in a big way with his directorial debut “Ex Machina,” scoring him an Oscar nomination for his original screenplay as well as a win for his visual effects team. Now, he’s back with a bigger budget, and a cast led by Natalie Portman, in an adventurous sci-fi film that looks like a cross between “Arrival” and “Jurassic Park.” The trailer presents a world full of beauty and terror, and if the script is on par with his previous work, perhaps this is a film we could see at the Oscars next year.

A Wrinkle in Time - March 9th


Ava DuVernay rose to national prominence for her MLK film “Selma” and documentary “13th,” so naturally Disney tapped her to direct their long rumored adaption of “A Wrinkle in Time.” Only a few years back, DuVernay was helping mentor students at our very own Black Warrior Film Festival, and now she is an African American woman directing a Disney blockbuster - a major breakthrough in the mostly male-led film industry. The captivating visuals and jam-packed cast should make this another huge hit for Disney.

Thoroughbreds - March 9th


I’ve been waiting for this next hit since the release of its trailer at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. The plot of this dark comedy contains a pair of girls, one who doesn’t feel emotion and one who feels them all, who try to hatch a murder plan. I am a big fan of Anya-Taylor Joy, as she seems to choose good roles, and I am also interested to watch Anton Yelchin in his last movie to be released after his untimely death. Here’s to hoping the film can hold up the sharp wit and dry humor I saw in the trailers for 90 minutes.

Isle of Dogs - March 23rd

Wes Anderson is back with another stop motion picture - in what will certainly be one of the most intricately-detailed films of 2018. Anderson has gathered an incredible array of talent to voice roles in the film. Also, who doesn’t want to watch a movie about an island of dogs who try to help a little Japanese kid find his own dog, because I find that idea absolutely delightful?!

Ready Player One - March 30th

Steven Spielberg has rejoined the sci-fi genre, and I could not be more excited. The book was originally written with many homages to Spielberg, so he’s having to change a few details here and there, but this virtual-reality homage to the 80’s is either going to be absolutely spectacular or much too self aware. With that said, Spielberg is a master filmmaker, so if anyone can pull off the extraordinary vision of this book it would be him.

A Quiet Place- April 6th


I really love original horror movies, So naturally a movie that stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (a real life couple btw) as parents of a family who must stay silent in order to hide from monsters seems quite interesting. Also, I kind of owe them one because I’m scared I put them in peril by sneezing during the quietest part of the trailer when I saw “I, Tonya.” Sorry guys!


I can’t wait to see these films and many more this semester. Hopefully, they will all do well, and maybe we will get a few with potential Oscar buzz before the summer blockbuster season begins. See y’all at the movies!