Short of the Week: Everest​​​​​​​

By Hope Runyan

Filmmaking has impacted many other artistic industries, creating new opportunities for them. It has revolutionized the power of an image, for example, and expanded the realm of photography. In his short film Everest, Elia Saikaly attempts to preserve the beauty of the Himalayan skies through photographs while climbing Mt. Everest.

It’s powerful to see a film made entirely of still images. What’s even more powerful is realizing that we live on a planet with such beauty; each second of Everest is breathtaking.

What seems to grab our attention throughout the film is the landscape; the enormous mountainside, the bright sky, and the gleaming snow are the main subjects. But if we look closely, we can see people in almost every shot. At night, we can see a trail of flashlights as the backpackers get an early start on the mountain. During mid afternoon, we get a look at their homes throughout the journey. And everything feels so small. It’s easy to forget that we aren’t the center of the universe. That we don’t actually know it all. Sometimes all it takes to reevaluate our lives is going outside and discovering what has been here long before us and what will still be here long after us.