Short of the Week: For the Hell of it

By Hope Runyan

I think the most interesting thing a person can do is share what he or she is passionate about. Whether it’s rock climbing, writing short stories, playing an instrument, or baking pastries, if you’re passionate about it, I’ll listen to whatever you have to say.

In “For the Hell of it,” Yoke Creative shares what they are collectively passionate about: cycling. Shot in the abundantly beautiful country of Wales, the short follows a cyclist along his route, capturing the sights and sounds of the environment that surrounds him.  

The objective is to allow the viewer to experience everything too. We witness fog rolling across a valley, gentle waves crashing along a coastline, quiet wildlife, and amazing views of mountainsides. Yoke Creative points out that the cyclist doesn’t have a specific purpose for riding. It’s about the journey. And the film is simply inviting us to continue with him on this journey, wherever that may lead him.