Short of the Week: Graffiti Gals

By Dana Murray

Growing up, I viewed graffiti as something synonymous with vandalism. I had hidden the beauty of it behind a word that, in simple terms, implies destruction. But somewhere along the way, I realized that graffiti is often the opposite: it’s a myriad of creation. Not only is it a creation of art, but it’s also a creation of voice, perspective, and identity, right where everyone can see it. In Graffiti Gals, Spain is where we see it. This short film by Isabella Cuevas Pierson allows us to look in on the magic of the painted streets of Valencia and hear from a group of inspiring young women who hold a deep appreciation for the artform.

Graffiti can evoke emotion, discussion, and movement. It can fuel the creative fire of an onlooker or make a passerby feel less alone. Graffiti Gals highlights the power that people, and women in particular, have when they express themselves on the walls of their cities.