Short of the Week: Cogs

By Hope Runyan

As a soon-to-be college graduate, I understand how competitive humans can be. I’m trying to avoid the inevitable fate of being a statistic; the millennial generation accounts for about 40 percent of the unemployment rate in the U.S. As students, we strive to work hard, create something great and, ultimately, stand out. How else are those top companies going to hire us?

Luckily, this age-old idea of competition as the best form of recruiting is slowly being replaced. Society is becoming more focused on the power of collaboration and shared ideas, rather than exposing the weakest link.

In Cogs, George Horne demonstrates this idea with two cyclists. As a tape recording from a past race plays in the background, it’s easy to think that we are watching two people compete. However, the shot widens to reveal that the cyclists are riding the same bike.

Instead of pushing each other to excel through competition, the cyclists are actually working together to create a better result. The idea of “collaboration is the new competition” is ultimately a more positive outlook. Why tear people down through defeat when you can build them up through teamwork?