Short of the Week: Forgot

By Hope Runyan

Everyone has a favorite childhood memory. Maybe it’s your first friend, the treehouse where you discovered your imagination, or even a certain snack that your mom used to make. We also have memories we wish we didn’t. An awkward middle school dance, a breakup, or a fight with friends might make the list. But both good and bad, these moments make up who we are.

Now, imagine forgetting all of those. In his short film Forgot, Stephen McNally illustrates what we all fear - losing the moments that make up our lives.

This short will have you reaching for the tissue box. Switching between childhood and adulthood without order, McNally gives his viewers so much emotion in just a few minutes. We see the protagonist forgetting little things first; he forgets youthful games and capitals of countries. Then, he forgets pain, sacrifice, and ultimately love.

Forgot makes you think about what and who you shouldn’t take for granted, and, even more so, makes you realize how important memories can be. Beautifully crafted with emotional music to fit the theme, the short excels in telling a moving story of memory loss.