Top 10 Christmas Movies To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

By Kat Nein

Finally, our favorite time of year has arrived. It’s time to lounge around, guilt-free obviously, with our favorite holiday drinks, desserts, and movies. Every single year, new Christmas movies come out, and only a select few really grab our attention. But we can always count on the oldies, the Christmas movie classics. So here’s a small list of my (and many people’s) favorites!

1. Elf

One of the best holiday movies around is Elf. This simple classic is a must-see for everyone that loves Will Ferrell and a good laugh.

2. It’s A Wonderful Life

I think I cry at least five times every time I watch this movie. It’s my ultimate favorite. Many people might not be familiar with this film since it was made in the 40’s, but it’s amazing I promise. WATCH NOW AND GRAB AT LEAST 5 BOXES OF TISSUES WHILE YOU’RE AT IT.

3. Polar Express

A movie that was created when us Millennials were growing up and one that always brings me back to my childhood. Polar Express might be for the younger crowd, but it does have a great ending and really makes you want to go to the North Pole. TBH I still want to ride the Polar Express.

4. The Santa Clause

A businessman and father turns into Santa Claus. What more can you ask for? This classic 90’s movie really made me want some reindeer of my own and a dad that turned into Santa Claus. I got neither (still salty).

5. A Christmas Story

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” Another classic. From the legendary pink bunny onesie to eating duck for Christmas, it’s a must see that has become a family tradition for mine and many.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

My favorite movie for both Christmas and Halloween time (I feel like this movie is more about Halloween but who cares). The sing-along version is definitely my favorite.

7. Home Alone

As a child, this movie actually scared me. I thought the two robbers would come and get me when my parents left. Regardless, it’s a great movie to watch and never fails to make me laugh.

8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Need a good laugh? Here is your movie. It’s filled with a humor that everyone can enjoy. I have grown up with this film, and I enjoy it even more each year. I’ve also learned that my life is infinitely more calm than theirs.

9. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the animated one)

A classic Christmas movie from when you were a kid. I honestly feel like I relate to the Grinch a lot more now that I am a college student. This movie really tugs at your heartstrings. No offense to Jim Carrey, but I like the animated one better.

10. Love Actually

And last but not least, a chick-flick with lots of stories to tell. TBH I haven’t seen this movie in full, but I’ve heard from just about everyone that it’s a good one, so here ya go.


Now start watching!