Short of the Week: A Moose Boosh Presents A Desk Is Not A Dinner Table

By Hope Runyan

In today’s society, we are constantly busy. We are hurrying to finish tasks while missing out on the importance of the tasks themselves. We are downloading the latest updates for our iPhones without knowing what the updates even entail. We are skipping the “hellos” and getting straight to the “goodbyes.” And, unfortunately, we are eating our meals at our desks instead of at the dinner table.

In the short A Moose Boosh presents A Desk Is Not A Dinner Table, the Creative School of Thought brings the words of a poem by Eric Shabazz Larkin to life by showing a large selection of pictures taken by people who have eaten a meal alone at their desk. By using language similar to Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, Shabazz creates a childish tone to almost laugh at the fact that people aren’t eating dinner together anymore. It strives to bring awareness to an epidemic that might seem silly but is actually a little sad. So next time you’re about to sit down for dinner, don’t make your computer your date.