Feb. 23 & 24

Since it's creation, the goal of Black Warrior Film Festival has been to connect students to film. The directors of BWFF, in partnership with the College of Communication and Information Sciences and the Journalism and Creative Media Department at The University of Alabama, are proud to present the Aspiring Filmmakers Workshop. Led by film students and faculty from the University of Alabama, we aim to instruct students in grades 6 through 12 in the art of developing, filming, and editing short films. 


COST - $50

This cost includes equipment fees, lunch for each session, and a t-shirt! Anything else will go into supporting the Black Warrior Film Festival in bringing awesome filmmakers to the University of Alabama campus for all of Tuscaloosa to enjoy.  The festival is free and open to the public, and your child will be a part of it on March 29–30!

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Space is limited to twelve participants. Apply soon!


Reese Phifer Hall is home to the College of Communication and Information Sciences on the University of Alabama campus. This building is where your participant will be learning from outstanding UA faculty and students and working with industry standard equipment!

Maya Champion

Maya Champion joined the faculty at the University of Alabama in the spring of 2013. She serves as advisor for the Department of Journalism and Creative Media and teaches critical studies and producing courses. She received an MFA in screenwriting from Columbia University and a BFA in film production from New York University. Champion previously taught critical studies courses at the University of Southern Mississippi. She has more than 10 years experience as a writer, filmmaker, producer, and teacher.

Champion will be leading the development and writing day of the Aspiring Filmmakers Workshop.

Nathan Dains


Nathan Dains, a University of Alabama alum with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Telecommunication & Film, is a production professor in the Department of Journalism and Creative Media. Outside of teaching video production courses, Professor Dains is a photographer, digital and print media producer, musician, and dad. He has a combined 6 years of experience teaching video production, and for over 10 years has been involved in various capacities producing video for events and performances, as well as promotional, instructional, and commercial videos. He hosted jazz music programming at Alabama Public Radio for 2 years as an undergraduate, and served as Associate Director for the 2008 Alabama Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Alabama Public Television and the Center for Public Television.

Dains will be leading the shooting and editing day of the Aspiring Filmmakers Workshop.


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