2016 Festival Winners

Holle Award For Filmmaking

"Infinite" by Julius Damenz, Lindenwood University

BWFF Jury Awards

Best Narrative

"Pigskin" by Jake Hammond (Florida State University)

Best Documentary

"Sharing the Secrets" by Drew Perlmutter (University of Central Florida)

Best Direction


Best Performance


Best Cinematography

"Sharing the Secrets"

Best Production Design


Best Editing


Best Sound Design


BWFF Staff Awards

Best Comedy

 "Beverly Hills OB" by Abigail Armstrong (UA)

Best Twist

"Samantha Throws A Party" by John Wachs (UA)

Best Social Commentary

 "Why I'm Afraid" by Tanner Robbins (UA)

Positive Impact Award

 "On the Horizon" by Lauren Musgrove (UA)

Feel Good Moment Award

 "SPOT" by Blake Hudson (UA)


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